With the rapid growth in popularity of the internet and smart phones, society now demands more of your time than ever before. This has led to increased cremation rates as more and more people look to create memorials that are private and simple.

Marana Mortuary & Cemetery was created to fulfill this growing need in our community by offering straightforward cremation packages, while still ensuring high levels of care through our 10-step Cremation with Confidence™ guarantee. Unlike other similar services, we can also provide you or your loved one a final resting space in our state-of-the-art cemetery.

We are able to provide those that prefer cremation with even more—memorial services, receptions, and especially a permanent place for the urn or cremated remains. These packages are designed to give you more choices with the benefit of convenience and cremation cost savings compared to other cremation providers or traditional cemeteries can offer. Marana cemetery’s 23-acre property has been updated to offer a modern and tranquil final resting place where family can take time to pause amidst the beautiful Southern Arizona mountains and remember the life that was lived.